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2015 CHOLLA Symposium – Embracing Change: Exploring Bridges to the Future

Published: February 24, 2015   |   Categories: STEM

Informal Educators focus on STEM Education! CHOLLA (Connecting Hands: Offering Lifelong Learning Adventures) is a consortium of informal education partners working throughout Southern Nevada. The 2nd annual CHOLLA Symposium, “Embracing Change: Exploring Bridges to the Future,” is an innovative symposium for educators, formal and informal, to collaborate and support initiatives at public lands, schools, nature centers, museums, zoos, aquaria, and all nature and heritage rich places. This year, the CHOLLA Symposium targets major STEM learning concepts related to technology integration, Interpretation, and the new Nevada Academic Content Standards for Science based on the Next Generation Science Standards. Culminating in three, coherent strands:

Strand 1: Sharing a Story Through Technology: How do we connect with our audience?

Sessions in this strand center around the concept of telling a story through the use of technology. Technology can help us discover, collect, learn, and share ideas. Sessions in this strand will use a variety of open source technologies as tools to communicate with our audiences. Google tools will be showcased as they provide free and easy access for both producers and consumers of information. All sessions are learner centered with a hands-­‐on approach so you leave feeling more comfortable diving into the application.


Strand 2: Interpreting our way through STEM

Sessions in this strand center around interpretation principles. We will explore how STEM is intertwining within interpretation today. In today’s workplace we are often asked to do more than what we were originally trained to do and also stay aware of the newest concepts from our profession. We will explore the role of non-­‐personal media design and new skills of facilitated dialogue. Tracking and evaluating our programs success is an essential part of maintained management support. This strand gives interpreters an opportunity to engage in hot topics in today’s interpretive field and discover our role in the STEM conversation.


Strand 3: Tackling NGSS Through Informal Learning Experiences

Sessions in this strand will present useful and engaging strategies for achieving many of the cross-­‐ disciplinary and content standards presented in the Next Generation Science Standards.  Sessions will explore ways in which science and engineering practices, citizen science, and other activities can be meaningfully integrated into informal learning experiences. Additional sessions will explore how thoughtful reflection and program evaluation can reveal the next steps for NGSS in Informal Learning programs.  In each session, participants will gain ideas and skills applicable to their own organization.

SNRPDP Science Team members serve on the CHOLLA Symposium Planning Committee and are proud to support informal education community partners throughout Nevada. Interested in the CHOLLA Symposium?